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I have created this site especially for my family and friends, and anyone who is interested in following my daily comings and goings.

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Little About Me

I was born in Kuwait on the 15th of January, 1969. Yes! I'm a Capricorne. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from University of Miami, USA (1991). I have over 9 years of experience working for the Banking Sector, and about 9 years experience working for the Movie Theater Industry. In 1996, I statrted my own business to do Computer Consultancy. I believe with this kind of experience, I was lucky to enjoy the best out of three worlds; Wall Street, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley!
In my free time, I often like to hang out in cafes, play keyboard music and cycle outdoors.

Important Events

August 2008
Resigned from "Kuwait National Cinema Company - CIESCAPE" as "General Manager for IT %26 Operations" and joined "Commercial Bank of Kuwait" as "Executive Manager" to the "E-Channels". At commerical bank, I am in charge of Internet Banking, Credit Cards, Call Center %26 ATM Networks.

August 1999
Resigned from Gulf Bank as "Projects Manager" and joined Kuwait National Cinema Company as "Head of Projects %26 Development". During my career I was able to automate the ticketing process at the box office and on the web. Additionally, I introduced kiosk self-ticketing using Prepaid Smart Cards. I went on to establish a call center within the company to support these technologies. Later on, I led a team of marketiers to sell ON-SCREEN advertsiement.

June 1998
Released the first version of "Contact Kuwait". A B2B database on CD. The CD was continuously updated until the year 2004. 100s of copies sold. The product is now being revamped to include new features such as multi-language and multi-country capabilities.

April 1996
I established my own business under the name of "Kuwait Soft Computer Constalts". I was targetting unique projects involving telephony systems and B2B databases on CD.

August 1992
Joined Gulf Bank, Kuwait as a System Analyst. Was primarily in charge of developing PC-Based Teller Applications which were part of a Branch Automation project.

February 1992
Hooked up my own Electronic Bulletin Board System in Kuwait. I was running a self-modified version of RBBS-PC. The BBS was then featured in PC Magazine (Arabic Edition). At that time, there was one BBS already running in Kuwait and managed by a fellow named Islam Al-Essa. Later in 1993, one other distinctive BBS came out running a version of PC-Board software and managed by Saud Al-Shomer (Cool Man BBS). Saud Al-Shomer takes credit for giving me the nick name "Yabani" - which gained popularity over the past 17 years.

December 1991
Received my Bachelor's of Science Degree in Computer Science from University of Miami.

December 1990
Join a group of Kuwaiti volunteers to fight Desert Storm alongside U.S. troops to liberate Kuwait. Intense training was given in Fort Dix, N.J. military base.

September 1986
Enrolled in University of Miami, Coral gables, USA to study Computer Scince.

Summer 1986
Received my High School Diploma from Kaifan Secondary School (Unit/Credit System) which consequently led to a scholarship to study computer science in USA.

The Year 1969
This is the year in which I was born and Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon.