My Photo Gallery

Welcome to my Phato Gallery of many wonderful captured memories.

This section I made specially available for people who are curious about me! I also made it available in order for me to connect with my audience. I strongly believe that a picture tells a thousand words.

You may conveniently view the following galleries by clicking the left and right green arrows. I will be adding more photos as I find them.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding this photo gallery.

  • Receiving an Award from Kuwait National Assembly .. Thanks to CINESCAPE's Marketing Team!

  • Awarding KD 10,000 to Y.R. Al-Saddani being the winner of World Cup 2006 contest at CINESCAPE!

  • With Film Producers Joe Fab and Julie Stevens at CINESCAPE AL-SHAAB, March 2007.

  • Receiving an award from Al-Yarmouk Sporting Club for entertaining young team players at the Cinemas.

  • Roaming the Ritz Carlton Resort Area - Bahrain.

  • Handing the Second Place award to the CINESCAPE's World Cup Contest - Marina Mall 2006.

  • With Sami Sbeiti - Programmes Director at CINESCAPE - Amsterdam 2006.

  • With U.S. Ambassador to Kuwait Richard Lebaron, Julie Stevens and Joe Fab at CINESCAPE SHAAB - 2007

  • An interview published in one of those yabloid magazines. Will never do this again :-)

  • With the Chairman 20% CEO of CINESCAPE; Nawaf Al-Marzouq - receiving the SSHHAAA Informatics - 2007.

  • With U.S. Ambassador to Kuwait Richard Lebaron as he's giving a TV interview to KTV2 - March 2007.

  • Driving a Subwoofer while listening to a Car with Ali Al-Khabbaz!

  • The Amazing DJ Truck owned by Abdullah Behbehani. To my left, Ali Al-Khabbaz, Abdullah Behbehani %20 His Kid.

  • At Ritz Carlton Bahrain all set to go out.

  • Caught stealing the Monalisa!

  • With Abdulaziz Naqi at King's Court, Kendall Drive, Miami, Florida, USA - 1988.

  • With Star Academy Star Bashar Al-Shatti.