Why Choose Me

In addition to my 20 years of experience in IT, Banking, and the Entertainment industries, I believe I have built over these past years a good track-record for delivering results and making a difference! I am comfortable working with all levels of the organization. I work from the existing strengths of people and help fill the learning gap until the ultimate goals are met.

Areas of Expertise

Provide consultancy services for System selection, Setup and Integration.
PC Application Development using VB and Dot Net Technologies.
Web Application Development using Php and MySQL.
Telephony Application Development.
Kiosk Application Development.

My Education

Being the youngest of 4 brothers who are U.S. graduates, I was also encouraged to continue my studies in the United States. I've done some research, and decided to apply for a few universities in the west coast, primarily in California. But since I was qualified for a scholarship by the Ministry of Education, I had to go by their nomination which I later found out to be University of Miami. Not so bad, eh?
I was enrolled in the UM's intensive English program in Fall/Winter 1986. I joined the University as a freshman officially in Spring/Summer 1987. I was expected to graduate by the end of Fall 1990. However, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in August 1990, and so I had to withdraw from all courses in Fall 1990 as I was called for military duty. I made it up in Fall 1991 and this is when I received my Bachelor's of Science Degree in Computer Science.


If, for any reason, you feel you need to obtain a copy of my CV, please feel free to download it using the link provided below. However, because I need to know who is looking at my CV and why, I have password-protected my CV. Please contact me via the "contacts" page for a password and I would be more than happy to provide you with one.